The visual journey that I am on serves as an outlet for expressing my personal challenges with maintaining balance, appreciating time, and sustaining connection.  

My photography serves as the portal to my present, offers the viewer clues to my past and for me a hope for my future.  When I hold my camera I feel more confident, at ease and visionary.  My artwork connects me to my deeper self inviting me to explore, discover and create.

THE DUNES  This series of work demonstrates my style of photographing by suggesting balance and a general awareness for tonality and form.  It is a "lighter" body of work than my more recent Stone series taken in a New England quarry.  While the position of the granite was predominately fixed in place from day to day, these massive dunes are transient in nature.  Their wind-weathered, shape-shifting, quality organically lends itself to a never ending array of unique and evocative photographic compositions. 

TRACES  This work attempts to depict traces of people in vacant open space, where one would expect human activity but yet find none.  In the Traces series, I use the interplay of line and space for the purpose of creating a well balanced and eye pleasing glimpse into a busy world.  My tendency to find vacancy and stillness where one might not expect it seems to be the theme that naturally permeates this work.  Capturing the emptiness and stillness of open spaces I attempt to turn the “ordinary” place into the “extra-ordinary.”